A self-calibration method for smart video cameras

Georg Nebehay and Roman Pflugfelder


The automatic calibration of the intrinsic camera parameters such as the focal length and the camera orientation is an important pre-requisite for many computer vision algorithms in video surveillance. Despite its importance only a few number of methods show their applicability in embedded systems. This paper shows new results of previous work done in camera self-calibration on images of the York Urban data-set. These 102 images show typical urban scenes one might expect in practice. The evaluation shows that in 52 of 102 images the proposed method achieves less than 5% relative error in the focal length at a mean computation time per image of 14.45 s on a standard PC. We believe that these results show a fair balance between accuracy and computational performance and encourage an embedded implementation on a smart camera.

Published In

ICCV Workshop on Embedded Computer Vision, 2009.
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